We’re back with new guest tastemakers for some quick-fire questions and a mini-curation of some fab Chairish finds!

This week, we sat down with Susannah Heyworth and Pamela Frisoli, founders of The Gussie and its corresponding podcast. Known for their collaboration through Pamela’s design firm and boutique Trovare Home Design, this duo launched The Gussie as a platform to better connect with fellow design enthusiasts. Its shop features a curated selection of whimsical furnishings and decor, while the podcast delves into the combined expertise of both Susannah — a born aesthetic — and Pamela – a born collector, to demystify the interior design process. Past topics have included tricks to revamp vintage finds, the goings-on at High Point Market, and development process behind a Beatrix Potter-inspired floral fabric.

Read on to find out how their podcast has been keeping them inspired during quarantine, and who their ultimate dream Gussie guests would be.

One of the goals of your podcast has been to demystify components of good interior design. What is one of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have about the design process?
Susannah: I think homeowners routinely underestimate budget and timeline. Good design is expensive and takes time. Whatever you think it’s going to cost and however long you think it’s going to take, double it. 
Pamela: I think people take the old adage “buy what you love” too far when it comes to design. As much as I love to collect, I would caution against buying an expensive piece before you have a good layout worked out. Same goes for buying things on sale. Don’t just buy something because it looks like a deal. Good design is all about good planning.

Who would be your dream guest to have on the podcast and what would you want to pick their brain about?
Susannah: Jeffrey Bilhuber. I worship everything he does. I would love to hear about his influences and his design process. I think we would be great friends.
Pamela: I would love to interview someone like Lauren Santo Domingo, who embodies great style in everything she does. Interior design is just one component of a well-lived life.

What’s helping you get through quarantine? What are you excited to do once it ends?
Susannah: Our podcast! It was born out of the need to connect with other interior designers and design fans in a time of disconnection. Our “gussies” (fans) have helped us sustain a sense of community while in quarantine, and our interviews with fellow designers across the country allowed us to travel virtually. That said, I can’t wait to actually hop on a plane and go somewhere new and exciting once this all ends. 
Pamela: Our podcast for sure, as well as building my new house. Having a personal design project has been therapeutic during this time of stagnation. I’m looking forward to traveling internationally again. Morocco, Istanbul and Croatia are all on my list. 

What is the coolest vintage piece in your house? What makes it the coolest?
Susannah: A vintage oversized vase with mother-of-pearl flower appliques that lives on the round table in my entry hall. I love its patina – its perfect imperfection. I found it while antiquing with a friend who now lives in Australia, and it reminds me of that fun shopping trip. The coolest pieces come with stories. 
Pamela: My vintage art collection is the thing that I most value; The thing that continues to surprise and delight me. My furniture rotates, but my art is so valued and enjoyed. 

What would you consider to be your ethos on design?
Susannah: Life is better with wallpaper.
Pamela: Furniture layouts and color schemes come first, collecting comes next.

Who is your ultimate style icon, and why? 
Susannah: Lee Radziwell.  
Pamela: Tony Duquette. He had such fearless style and such great, worldly taste.

Headshot Image Courtesy of Trovare Home Design


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April 14, 2021

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