Summer is all about breaking free from the confines of the formal dining room and taking things outside. At the height of summer our fearless (and stylish) leader, Anna Brockway, loves nothing more than skipping town with family in tow and heading to their cabin on Lake Tahoe. “San Francisco is foggy and cold during the summer so we like to take off for some sun and adventure,” she says. On the agenda? “Hiking, biking and water skiing (on two skis and very, very badly but it’s still a ball).” Lakeside, the living is easy and entertaining is infinitely laid back. Discover how she pulls off the perfectly effortless high summer soiree, complete with recipes for a few of her favorite summer sips.

Set A Table For A Crowd

The more the merrier is how Anna approaches summer parties by the lake. “It’s always a big crowd including friends, grannies, loads of kids, dogs and once a visiting brown bear!” Never one to not enjoy her own bash, Anna skips fussing over flowers and makes sure guests can easily help themselves to drinks. “I keep it simple with vintage gingham napkins, loads of greens from the surrounding woods and plunked into big galvanized steel buckets and an old, chippy red painted basin full of iced drinks.”

Photo by Trent Lanz

Serve a Refreshingly Easy Menu

For low-stress fun, big bowls of family-style food are the way to go. “My perfect summer lakeside lunch is a chilly glass of rose and this easy to make Tabbouleh salad,” shares Anna. “I found the recipe in the NY Times but apparently it comes from Brigitte Bardot. I do recommend adding a few drops of Tabasco for extra va voom!”

Photo by Maurizio Polese / Alamy Stock Photo

Keep Cocktail Hour Interesting

Anna has not one, but two, preferred summer cocktails. “At the lake house, you’ll usually find me with a Michelada. Run a lime wedge around the rim of a beer glass and dip in coarse sea salt and chili powder. Fill with ice cubes. Add Clamato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce and a dash of chili powder. Add your favorite Mexican beer. Find lounge chair and you’re done!” Another favorite? “Count me in for an Aperol Sprtiz! Fill a glass halfway with prosecco. Add a spritz of soda then two dashes of Aperol. Garnish with a slice of orange and an olive (or two). Sip and repeat!”

Anna’s Summer Must List

“I am a biography fan so I’ll be digging in to “Miles, The Autobiography.””

“I just booked tickets to see Aaron Sorkin’s new version of To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway.”

“I am excited to see “Late Night” with Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson (two of my favorite gals).”

4. ART
“Not sure how to get there, but I am dreaming of seeing the new show at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site gallery in the Catskills.”

Lead Photo by Shann Diego


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July 19, 2019

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