Can we talk dream vacation for a sec? Sure, rolling around on the white sands of some exotic, tropical shore sounds nice. But if you’re anything like moi, your heart is going to start racing when you I tell you more about a petite something called Paris Finds…

Aerial view of historical buildings in Paris with gray shingled roofs and stone facade

Stone bridge on the seine with historic brick and stone buildings

What’s Paris Finds? Well, it’s a place to buy gorgeously restored, genuine French antiques, sourced from the marches aux puces (the French way of saying flea market) themselves. But if you dream of being whisked away to Paris, taken by the hand and guided through the alleyways between those notorious stalls by vintage experts, Paris Finds does that too! Oui, please!!

Scenes from Parisian antique flea markets with colorful, metal chairs

The fleas of Paris are legendary, but they’re also, um, across an ocean and all that. Getting there is already quite the feat, so we understand if you can’t exactly go all-out with the luxury of a vintage furniture tour with team at The Paris Project. To remedy this, we’ve brought you not one, but two fabulous alternatives! First, you can take a virtual trip by shopping the Chairish Paris Finds collection, filled with items hand selected by Stacey Serro in the City of Lights and then sent to be expertly restored and reupholstered in New Orleans. Or, if you do happen to make your way to Paris, Stacey has been kind enough to share her favorite furniture shopping spots with us.


Street view of Parisian street with outdoor markets and outdoor dining

But we couldn’t let an expert in shopping for and refurbishing French antiques go without extracting a little more info about what exactly she looks for when she’s sifting through the thousands of treasures she encounters all the time.


Louis-style furniture including silver loveseat and marble-topped desk

Oh but we wanted more of the insider’s scoop! And Stacey obliged… Below are her pro tips for renewing your own caché, once you find something you love. Of course, it is always a good idea to consult with an expert for the more serious tasks, such as wood refinishing and reupholstering, but some of the initial care and repair steps you can take yourself:


Upholstered chairs and antique framed paintings for sale in Paris

Lastly, who are we kidding: we wanna know where someone with intimate knowledge of Paris to tell us her must-hit pit stops during these marathon shopping trips, when one needs sustenance. Or say, a perfume only sold in Paris. Now we’re talking!


Scenes from various Parisian shops with books and jewelry on Chairish

Parisian grocer with alcohol and candy in built-in shelves and wood display tables

Alright ma cherie amours, it’s time for me to bid you adieu, I hope this post inspires you to find a way of adding a little French flair into your home decor rotation!


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June 15, 2014

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