We’ve got some truly groundbreaking news for all you design lovers. Starting today, the Chairish app will offer a new “View In My Space” feature. This decorating app’s revolutionary functionality leverages augmented reality technology, and enables you to virtually try out Chairish products in your space before you buy.

Check out the video to see how it works:

Prepare to never again utter that age-old decorating question, ‘How will this look in my room?’ Our virtual ‘try before you buy’ helps take the risk out of purchasing one-of-a-kind furniture pieces online. “Our new augmented reality feature is a game-changer,” says our co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Anna Brockway. 

"View in my Space" feature allows you to see Chairish items in your home instantly.

It’s time to decorate fearlessly! Ready to get started? Download or update your Chairish app and try it for yourself right here

Because friends don’t let friends settle for beige.


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March 7, 2017

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