Nate Berkus Shares Transformative Decorating Tips

We’ve long crushed on Nate Berkus, both as a warm, hilarious, all-around lovely person, and as an incredibly talented designer (he was recently included in the AD100). It also happens that his commitment to vintage decor is as steadfast as our own. “Every single interior my firm and I design, always has vintage,” he recently shared. “Vintage pieces add so much patina and character.” Hence, we couldn’t think of a better person to turn to for some pointers to make this year our home’s chicest yet. From free to investment home update ideas, a mantra to get your through those decorating slumps, and a new habit to adopt, Nate’s tips are transformative to say the least.


Free Home Update

“Clean it. Seriously. It’s amazing what emptying out your drawers, and clearing away the clutter can do to transform any room.”

Inexpensive Home Update

“Dress up your walls with framed art and objects. I care deeply about what frame that photo or artwork is in. There are fantastic, affordable framing options out there [Framebridge being my go-to; I’m their Creative Advisor]. A great frame will automatically elevate the room. I like to frame not just art, but unexpected things like a beautiful menu, a handwritten note, or kid’s painting, etc. You want the pieces you incorporate to be meaningful, regardless of the price point.

Investment Home Update

“For me, the best interiors are always ones where people to took risks and chose to live with things they love. Maybe invest in that vintage chandelier, or set of chairs. The thing with great vintage pieces is that you will have them forever and be able to repurpose them when it comes time to move.”

Photo by Christopher Dibble

New Home Habit to Adopt

“I’m a ruthless editor in my own home. I think it’s so important to regularly edit your ‘stuff’. If you don’t absolutely love it, then donate it or give it to someone who will. Our tastes change, so why hold on to things that you no longer care about? That’s when clutter happens.”

Photo by Christopher Dibble

Decorating Mantra to Repeat

“Decorating your home should feel like fun, not a chore. You don’t have to have it all figured out overnight. Invest in pieces when you can, and take time to figure out how you want to live in your space. Jeremiah and I are still moving things around, and we’ve been in our home for over a year now. The best interiors are ones that evolve over time.”

I think it’s so important to regularly edit your ‘stuff’. If you don’t absolutely love it, then donate it or give it to someone who will.

Photo by Roger Davies

Why He Hearts Chairish

“The great selection of vintage and one of a kind pieces. If it’s a gilded vintage mirror I’m looking for, I know I’ll find a great option. I’m a maniac and am always checking to see what has just come in. They work with wonderful vendors, and at price points that can fit into any budget.”

Photo by Roger Davies

Decorating your home should feel like fun, not a chore.



Lead Photo by Christopher Dibble

January 6, 2018

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