Just bought a rental property and now you’re wondering how to furnish it? While furnishing a rental property isn’t unlike furnishing a home, there are some special touches that can make your space more versatile and comfortable for the just-passing-though set. It’s also important to remember that people who buy rental properties have many different objectives, so simply take the advice ahead as a general outline! 

Prioritize storage 

Whether it ends up getting used to stow travelers’ belongings or essentials that you need to keep your rental running smoothly (think: extra towels and cleaning supplies), a surplus of storage is always appreciated in a rental. When choosing furniture for your rental, select pieces that have extra storage built in. For instance, opt for a credenza over a console to hold a TV. Or, choose a storage bench for the end of a bed rather than a standard bench. 

Go double-duty 

It’s impossible to exactly how renters will use your rental property, so why not set them all up for success with furniture that caters to many different functions? When it comes to selecting a sofa, opting for a sleeper model is always smart. Or, simply choose an extra deep model that could function as a bed in a pinch. Select a dining table with chairs comfortable enough to spend an 8-hour workday seated at. 

Optimize the outdoors 

With all of the attention required by the interior of a rental property, it can be easy to ignore the outdoors. However, a well-dressed exterior can be just the finishing touch that your rental needs to take things to the next level. No matter what size outdoor space you’re working with, give it some extra love with a form of seating and a small table or stool for hosting drinks. While there’s no need to splurge on pricey pieces, consider opting for bright colored furniture — it can instantly transform the mood of a space.  

Design by Lori Gilder Interior Makeovers Inc. / Photo by Zeke Ruelas


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September 28, 2022

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