Pop on your linen bucket hat and grab the pinot grig — coastal grandmother is on her way! If you’re not of the age group who routinely stalks TikTok, you may have missed the rise of Coastal Grandma, the latest trend to make waves on the Gen Z social sharing site. Then again, if you’ve spent the past twenty years mulling over the pressed perfection of Martha Stewart’s oxford shirts and rewatching snippets of “Something’s Gotta Give,” you’re likely already acquainted with the Coastal Grandma muse. While much has been made of Coastal Grandma’s sartorial style, we’re have to know — how does Coastal Grandma dress her interiors? From beachy whites to plenty of seagrasses, here’s how we imagine it all goes down!

Design by Digs Design Company / Photo by Greg Premru

Blue and White Always Feels Right

When you consider Coastal Grandma’s affinity for the shore, a crisp blue and white palette is a near-must. To get started, lay down a foundation of beachy white basics. White slipcovered sofas — the four-legged equivalent of a white button-downs, if there ever was one — are perfect for providing comfortable seating. Elsewhere, an armload of blue and white pillows will help to tamper the sense that anything’s too precious. (After all, there will be sand.) Each Coastal Grandma’s personal pedigree is likely to influence her other blue and white choices. A west coast-dweller, for instance, might favor framed indigo mudcloth bolts, while a grandma camped out in the Hamptons might be partial to supercharging her interior with ginger jars

Design by Terri Ricci Interiors / Photo by Peter Aaron

Fibrous Flourishes 

Coastal Grandma’s no stranger to natural fibers like jute, seagrass, straw. (After all, her sun hat’s likely made of the latter.) So it seems only natural she integrate them into her interior. Fiber-forward furnishings like braided seagrass rugs and baskets are the epitome of easy-living essentials and affable enough for anyone to incorporate. They’re also perfect for hiding the natural wear and tear that accompanies seaside living and — let’s not forget! — grandkids or the family pooch.  It’s fair to say at her age, Coastal Grandma knows that less upkeep is more time she can spend reading Ann Patchett novels and sipping coffee on the porch.

Photo courtesy of Liliane Hart

Miles (and Miles) of Textiles

Like most ladies of a certain age, Coastal Grandma likely prefers to stay close to home; yet a worldly medley of textiles reminds her of the beauty and vibrance that lies beyond her coastal hamlet. To take a page from Coastal Grandma’s book, channel a loose, whichever-way-the-wind blows attitude when it comes to picking out patterns. (Remember: most of Nancy Meyers’s leading ladies aren’t ones for rule-following.) Consider mixing batiks, ikats, or suzanis with more pedestrian florals or ticking stripes. If you’re hesitant to go so rogue, hold tight to the blue and white palette. Doing so will allow you to successfully pull off pattern-teaming risks you might not otherwise. Of course, part of the beauty that comes with age is confidence, so don’t hesitate to trust your instincts or live with a pairing that’s a little left of perfect. Just call it “breezy panache.” We know Coastal Grandma would. 

Lead photo courtesy of Carrier and Company


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June 30, 2022

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