We’re back with a new guest tastemaker for some quick-fire questions and a mini-curation of some fab Chairish finds!

This week, we’re joined by New York-based stylist Colin King. Known for his keen curatorial eye, his ability to seamlessly mix vintage with contemporary, and his commitment to telling his clients’ stories through their spaces, it’s no surprise that this Architectural Digest photoshoot stylist-extraordinaire is able to find design inspiration in all facets of life. Currently topping his inspo list? Journaling, photography, Brooklyn museums, and the occasional foreign film. Read on to find out which cinematic masterpieces are currently drumming up influence for him, and the deeper meaning behind a running theme in his art collection.

Last show you binge watched?
Killing Eve. I love a spy thriller, and there is an indulgent dark humor to the series that somehow makes these unnerving and eccentric characters very human.

Where’s next on your travel bucket list?
Antwerp and Mexico City! I am a city-over-beach holiday guy. Trips to cities offer so much to see from museums, to galleries, to landmarks, and food! I love being on the go, plus cities are usually pretty easy to navigate.

Ultimate style icon?
I’m consistently drawn to artists’ spaces – Donald Judd, Georgia O’Keefe & Cy Twombly. I also draw a lot of my inspiration from films; Luca Guadagnino’s I Am Love and recently Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire are at the top of my list.

One talent you wish you had?
Singing and songwriting! I imagine there being so much relief in belting an epic song when words just aren’t enough. Being a dancer, I’ve grown up listening to music, and it’s still a big part of my life.

Do you collect anything?
Hands. I love drawings, sculptures, carvings and any other art form featuring hands. I could give a hundred metaphors, but hands have a story to tell and when I am noticing my hands or the hands of those around me, I feel very much in the present.


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March 24, 2020

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