Who says chandeliers are only for dining rooms and kitchen islands? While many might expect every chandelier to be large and opulent, new, antique, and vintage chandeliers come in a diverse range of styles and dimensions. In fact, with the right size, scale, and placement, almost every room can benefit from the addition of a striking chandelier to illuminate the space and add a touch of luxury. Keep reading to discover four spaces in your home that could potentially make use of a chandelier!

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Depending on the style of your bedroom, a handsome chandelier can elevate your personal space, create better lightning for relaxing, and add to the overall ambiance. For bedrooms that are more modern, look for sleek, brass chandeliers to add a touch of sparkle. For bedrooms that lean into a more Old Hollywood feel, explore glamorous, vintage chandeliers for lighting inspiration.


Surprisingly, a bathroom can often be the perfect place for a shining chandelier! While this trick may be better suited for expansive main bathrooms, crystal chandeliers can reflect light beautifully across bathroom tiles and porcelain tubs. Thus, making the room seem fresher, brighter, and larger. It might prove more difficult locating the right style and size chandelier for a bathroom, but once you’ve found the one, the results will speak for themselves!


Show your hallways some love! Although we may spend the least amount of time here — just walking to other rooms in the house — an interesting Art Deco chandelier can spruce up this drab space while adding a fun element of style to your home. When selecting a hallway chandelier, be sure to find the best size and dimensions for your space to avoid any lighting-related injuries!

Front Porch

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take your lighting outside! Any covered front or back porch (or even pergola!) can be a great place to display the right chandelier. Taking into account your local weather, you might want to avoid metal or brass chandeliers and antique or vintage chandeliers. But, the right modern, contemporary, or rustic chandelier can upgrade your porch into a hidden paradise!

Jasmin Reese Interiors / Photo Credit: Michael Alan Kaskel


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May 5, 2022

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