Designers have been enamored by wicker for what feels like forever. In fact, it’s the oldest furniture making method in history, dating back to ancient Egypt! Wicker’s endurance is of little wonder. It’s inexpensive, weather-resistant, and covers the compass of styles. Among the easiest ways to incorporate the texture into an interior is a laidback wicker basket. Discover three easy ways to weave one into your space, below!

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Two matching wicker baskets sit underneath this blue console. A piece of African art, two table lamps, and a gold box complete the library vignette.
Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors / Photo by Zach DeSart

Create Storage

There’s good reason why designers repeatedly use wicker baskets as catchalls. These containers can stow loose toys, throws, household items — virtually anything you’d like to keep handy, but hidden. Since wicker baskets are compact, you can easily stash them in entryways and living room corners. Despite their small size, never underestimate the power of tactility in a space! Take a step back and you’ll see the profound impact a wicker basket can have on an interior vignette.

If you’re short on closet space, proudly stage a jute basket by your bed! A rattan hamper can corral any free-ranging linens such as towels, apparel, and extra bedding. Additionally, nothing says “make yourself at home” like a guest room welcome basket! Wow your company with a wicker carrier filled with essentials like chargers, toiletries, and bathrobes.

A wicker baskets sits below this console in a Palm Beach entry. Two poufs, ginger jars, and a seashell bordered mirror surround the wicker basket.
Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors / Photo by Brantley Photography

Graphic Organizers

Light-weight and malleable, wicker baskets are the ultimate utilitarian tool when it gets down to the nitty gritty of organizing. Put a set of streamlined rattan containers to use in a kitchen by filling them with spices, tea towels, spare shopping bags, and more. Now that you can proudly display your kitchen storage, bid goodbye to bulky Rubbermaid Tupperware and excessive Ziploc bags!

Straighten out your bathroom or powder room by tucking spare toiletries, towels, and more inside a wicker basket. If you’re an expert in the art of laundry, keep your detergents and clothes in order with wicker laundry baskets. Not only will a set of wicker baskets speak to your inner neat freak, but they convey a pristine, yet unpretentious look. Wicker’s natural texture evokes a relaxed bohemianism, which counters the coldness that can come with methodic organization.

Wall baskets, a rattan chandelier, and a rattan planter fill this Presidio Heights guest room. Pops of green, a writing desk, and a set of bedside lamps finish the room.
Design by Margaret Ash Design / Photo by Tim Coy

Weft Art

Be it a hanging rug or sculpture wall object, we’re always here for an unconventional wicker pieces! If you’ve been wrestling with how to fill a vacant white wall, consider vertically arranging a set of wicker baskets. These artisan pieces usher in natural texture and intriguing pattern. It’s near impossible to resist reaching out and feeling a wicker wall basket! If you’re not sure where to start looking for wall baskets, consider exploring the breadth of African baskets. Researching the techniques, history, and cultural provenance behind a handwoven Nigerian or Rwandan wall basket will make it all the more meaningful when incorporating into your home.

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Lead image: Design by Honey Collins Interiors / Photo by Sarah Winchester


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August 8, 2022

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