If you’ve ever spent time by the shore, then you it possesses serious soul-soothing properties. Hence, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking for ways to bring the be the beach home with us. Coastal-themed takeovers can make your home feel like it’s been besieged by the beach; however — not exactly the epitome of tranquil. If you’re looking for subtle ways to incorporate seaside talismans into your space, without over-running it, try the tips below to build a space that feels beachy keen and serene!

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Charming bedroom nightstand vignette designed by Crowell + Company featuring a coral lamp and beach inspired mermaid wallpaper
Design by Crowell + Company Interiors / Photo by Seamus Payne

Blue and White 

Blue and white always feels right for bringing the beach vibes. If you’re looking for a way to usher in beachy airs without pandering to kitschy decor like starfish and anchors, blue and white is an excellent options. Consider white sofas and beds outfitted with an armful of blue throw pillows, or a blue and white striped rug. Blue and white ticking stripes also evoke the sea without a hint of gimmick. 


While wicker furniture isn’t a hallmark of beachside hotel clubs, its loose weave and suntanned coloring make it a perfect partner for ocean-inspired interiors. Make wicker chairs feel even more beach-ready by gussying them up with crisp white cushions. Wicker trompe l’oeil consoles and tables are also ideal for conjuring the beach. Their scalloped edges feel reminiscent of lapping waves or beach umbrella trim — the effect is really all in the eye of the beholder!

Jute Rugs 

Throw down a jute rug or sisal rug, and you’ve got the makings of a beachy oasis in a flash. Similar to the beach, there’s nothing too precious-feeling about a jute rug. It can handle sand, bare feet, damp beach towels, and the beating sun. Use one in tandem with blues and whites to conjure up a palette that feels akin to the shore. 

Design by Crowell + Company Interiors / Photo byBrad + Jen Butcher


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August 15, 2022

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