From fashion runways to statement interiors, animal print and animal decor have maintained unwavering staying powers across the design industry. Transformative in its ability to add edge, wit, or regal sophistication to any space, the print itself has replaced beige and grey tones as of late to become a truly iconic shade of neutral. Below, we’ve rounded up a few recent interior moments on Instagram that had us hailing all things animal kingdom this month.

Birds of a Feather

Whether it’s the star of the show in a dining room, a bathroom, or a very chic nursery, this Gucci wallpaper has been stealing hearts all month long—and for good reason. A beautiful backdrop filled with color and movement, the cranes and dragonflies in this design float across the wall with ease, adding a touch of romanticism and elegance to the space.

Monkey Business

We’re always a fan of a restaurant that takes a risk or two in the restroom, where dining room ambiance can achieve new heights of drama. Here, the combination of blue paint, gorgeous marble, and golden sconces would make for a captivating bathroom moment all on their own. Now, add in some strutting monkeys—and we’ve got a look that’s as glamorous as it is quirky.

Connect the Dots

While the chairs in this House of Hipsters design definitely catch our eye, it’s the witty complementary decor that really allows them to shine, by which we mean the playful repetition of spots. The cheetah is balanced by the curvature of the chairs and chandelier, and the rug effortlessly weaves pattern into the entire space, without overwhelming the room with color. When you find yourself redecorating, or simply aiming to bring more life into your space, consider animalia as a starting point for inspiration. 

Animal Instincts

From the ottoman, to the wall accent, to those sheep we just can’t get enough of, we love how designer Brian Patrick Flynn layered this entryway with a variety of textures, achieving a simultaneously clean and eclectic feel. If you’re looking to make a modern space feel more eclectic, try unleashing your animal instincts—and don’t shy away from mixing and matching.

Subtle Statements

In this design, Sarah Vaile proves that animalia doesn’t always have to make a big statement, but can instead be incorporated as a subtle plug of pattern and texture. When considering upholstery options, think about using a small animal print to complement gold accents for a little extra glamour. And if that snake art is tempting you, you might want to check out the reptilian prints in our print shop (just sayin’).

Pillow Talk

Whether it’s an upholstered bench seat, a printed rug, or a fun accessory, there’s no better place to walk on the wild side (and, maybe, walk down your own personal animal print runway) than your walk-in closet. If you’re easing your way into the animalia trend, pillows are the perfect way to dip in a toe. 

Wild Style

An added bonus of animal print pillows? They can work their timeless magic in every single room. Courtney Madden incorporates animalia throughout her space, and her three pups definitely approve! We love how she styled this iconic togo with a tiger print pillow and a light throw, adding warmth to an otherwise minimalist-feeling moment.

Fierce Awakenings

How to Feel Fierce Every Morning 101: Power up your powder room with a bold animalia paper. Thinking beyond the typical animal print, this one is bold, but maintains neutral shades throughout, making it the perfect paper for those seeking both sophistication and fun. 

Lead photo by Sarah Natsumi Moore


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July 24, 2019

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