Searching for a sofa with soul? Scouting a sofa in a uber-specific color? Swayed by the notion of a sofa that’s also sustainable? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a vintage sofa might be for you. Want to know more? Ahead, explore five reasons that an antique sofa might be a better choice for your space than a modern one! 

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1. It Has More Character

Whether it’s an enviable leather patina or a striking, out-of-the-ordinary silhouette, vintage sofas possess unrivaled character. Vintage sofas are the antithesis of boring big box sofas, making it easy for them to be the star of a room.   

2. There are Limitless Options 

If you’ve recently shopped for a newly-made sofa, you’ve likely noticed that your options are limited. Trending styles dictate the majority of the market — meaning, good luck if you’re currently looking for a half circle-shaped sectional. When you shop vintage, you don’t have to shop what the masses are shopping. Shop to your own drummer! 

3. They’re Better Constructed 

It’s no secret that items manufactured half a century ago were typically better crafted. While recently-manufactured sofas — especially less-expensive designs — tend to skimp on hardwoods and high-end joinery, vintage ones usually don’t. If quality is your top concern, there’s no better vetting that a sofa that’s fifty years old and still kicking!   

4. Buying One is More Sustainable

Enduring style is more than just chic — it’s sustainable too. When you buy a sofa that’s already in existence, you prevent the need for an alternative sofa to be created new. It’s supporting a circular design economy that’s kinder to the planet — and oftentimes, your wallet.

5. There’s No Lead Time 

Don’t want to wait months for a new sofa to arrive? Vintage sofas are always in stock with their sellers and ready to ship your way today!

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Lead photo design by Summer Thornton / Photo by Werner Straube


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October 25, 2022

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