Bathroom counter space is precious. Yet it’s also one of the few opportunities to incorporate personality into a bath. Consider it the proverbial rock and hard place, or opt to simply get crafty about your bathroom countertop decor! Ahead, score our best bathroom countertop decor pointers for creating countertops that feel both functional and fabulous.

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Class Up Your Soap

Virtually any bathroom counter requires a soap dispenser or soap dish. In fact, in powder rooms with a pedestal sink, soap dispensers might be the only accoutrements that will fit, so it’s worth opting for one that’s stellar. Swap out drugstore soap dispensers for ones fashioned of luxe materials like marble or lacquer. Soap dishes can also be a lovely option, especially if you’re not keen on the idea of the manual labor required to keep soap pumps flowing.  

Upgrade Your Other Essentials

In keeping with the theme above, upgrade all of your lavatory essentials, from the bathroom tissue box holder to combs and even toothbrushes! Stow anything that doesn’t possess decorative clout in vanity drawers and cabinets.

Tray It

If you have a larger countertop, allow yourself the ability to stow more on it with a tray. When small items — think toothbrush holders, combs, lotions — are loaded onto a tray they present less visual clutter. Choose a tray that syncs with your bathroom’s style, be it a classic silver tray or a colorful lacquer design with scalloped trim.

Factor in Function

Given how many essentials are already vying for bathroom countertop space, there aren’t many opportunities to incorporate decor for the purely decorative purposes. Should you have room, however, consider items that won’t feel out of place in a bathroom. Candles, for instance, feel in sync with a bath, as do items like beautiful lotion bottles, perfume diffusers, and apothecary jars filled with useful items like natural sea sponges. Catchalls, be they ceramic trays or metal bowls also do-double duty as beautiful and functional objects. 

Make it a Green Thing

If you only have room for one decorative item on your bathroom countertop, consider making it a plant. In addition to improving air quality, a bit of green can make a big visual impact in a bath, especially when you consider all of those hard corners. Go with a maiden hair fern for something soft and feathery or a crawling inchplant to work in an appealing (and unexpected) violet hue. 

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May 16, 2022

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