In honor of its 30th anniversary, Housing Works is debuting a brand new design idea — and we couldn’t be more excited to be their exclusive partner in it. “30 Chairs for 30 Years” will be part of their annual Design on a Dime fundraiser, at which designers create chic vignettes with luxury products that are then available for sale (at a deep discount). The 30 Chairs program showcases a unique selection of seating selected by top designers to commemorate Housing Works’s anniversary.

Each of the one-of-a-kind chairs is available on Chairish through June 30, 2021. Below, see each of the pieces and read what the design teams involved had to say about them, and get ready to shop — for an excellent cause, of course.

Wood and canvas sling chair with pink triangle pillow created by Kammi Reiss Design.
Kammi Reiss Design’s chair

Kammi Reiss Design

“As a designer, my goals are to make meaningful, personal environments for my clients that bring them joy and reflect their stories. This chair was designed to convey the story of the past 30 years of Housing Works. It is made of simple materials, not fussy or fragile. It is warm and comfortable — the sling hugs you when you sit in it. The natural walnut is warm and strong and the black and pink linen of the sling and cushion are triangles, which reference the ActUp logo, the roof of the Housing Works imagery, and a symbol of the LGBTQ community.”

Accent chair designed by Pappas Miron Design with wood arms and legs and beige upholstery with brown designs.
Pappas Miron Design’s chair

Pappas Miron Design

“We love to find vintage furniture and reupholster and reimagine it. This is not only good for the environment, but often adds that layer of interest and history that make interiors unique. We also love one-of-a-kind textiles and use a variety in all our projects. We covered this carved mahogany chair in custom printed mud cloth from Faustina in Palm Beach. These textiles are usually used for pillows, but we thought that the bold and irregular pattern updated this chair into a cool and youthful accent.”

Accent chair with mid-century modern pin legs, baby blue upholstery, and extremely tall back by 2Michaels Design.
2Michaels Design’s chair

2Michaels Design

“Many of our design inspirations are derived from Italy. We spent a few years there and soaked up Italy’s culture — its art, architecture, fashion, industrial design, and interior design. This chair has a playful Fellini-esque quality and would make a delightful vanity chair, with its exaggerated back and sensuous curves, or simply as a sculptural object against a stark wall. Sheila White of Stellar Union kindly donated this beauty.”

Carrier and Co's Valyn chair with medium wood frame and blue embroidered cushions.
Carrier and Co’s chair

Carrier and Co

“Our Valyn chair’s design is all about an open and shapely frame. The scale and deep cushions make it as comfortable as any club chair. Beauty and utility work harmoniously in this piece, which is essential to our overall design philosophy.”

Sara Gilbane Interiors' accent chair design uses light bamboo for the legs and back and green and white seat cushion.
Sara Gilbane Interiors’s chair

Sara Gilbane Interiors

This chair has a whole lot of personality! The spotted blue leopard dots on the bamboo frame allow it to stand on its own against a wall or in a group of chairs. It is playful and traditional and I would welcome it into any setting. I love “forever” pieces and this is one for sure. I never shy away from leopard or tortoise or any small-scale print so this guy is just right!”

Bunny Williams' armchair with large, rounded arms and gray herring bone pattern.
Bunny Williams’ chair

Bunny Williams

“A chair should always be comfortable, first and foremost, but with all my furniture, I want it to have personality and to work in a variety of spaces. A great chair should look good from every angle, not just the front. This chair is compact enough that you could use it in a bedroom, but it’s also a wonderful chair for lounging and reading in a big living room or near a window. The curved arms give it that extra personality and interest.”

Charlotte Moss' vintage wicker peacock chair with black embellishment and cream cushion.
Charlotte Moss’s chair

Charlotte Moss

“No matter what the style of a room is, having something that brings it down to earth, like this vintage wicker Peacock Chair, makes it human and liveable.”

The Scout Chair by Goddard Design Group is made up of three Moroccan-inspired pillows with gray tassels.
Goddard Design Group’s chair

Goddard Design Group

The Scout Chair was inspired by my “happy place,” which is anywhere in Morocco. Having traveled across this dynamic and diverse country, I wanted to create a chair that is reminiscent of the stacked cushions that one would sit on in a riad or an encampment in the desert. My fabric palette is rich in spicy tones that are found in the souks where one is surrounded by beautiful colors and constant inspiration.”

The Future Perfect created this black, bent wood chair with black sheerling seat.
The Future Perfect’s chair

The Future Perfect

“We have worked with De La Espada for many, many years, and our relationship with the brand is dear to us, so we are always proud to share their furniture pieces with the world. I have always loved this collection from Neri&Hu in particular — the undulating shape of the bent wood and the rich quality of the materials really speak to me.”

The Leonardo Chair by Time & Style features dark moss upholstery and black legs perfect for a dining room.
Brad Ford ID’s chair

Brad Ford ID

“TIME & STYLE designed and produced the Leonardo Chair in their small workroom in Hokkaido, Japan. We love its effortlessness, and yet, even though it appears relatively simple, the scale and proportions are perfect.”

Wood legs, upholstered seat, and leather-weaved back make up this dining or accent chair selected by MARKED by Mark Cunningham.
Mark Cunningham’s chair

MARKED by Mark Cunningham

“We love the openness of this chair as well as the practicality of two incorporated materials — leather and wood. The texture of the woven back is comfortable and also a really interesting design element.  It’s really functional — you can place it anywhere and it just works.”

Huniford Design Studio designed two matching swivel chairs with metal bases and plush, floral-printed tops.
Huniford Design Studio’s chairs

Huniford Design Studio

“Like all of my work, these chairs are a great mix of styles and sensibilities: elegant and industrial, chic and functional, rugged and refined.”

Beth Diana Smith Interior Design's accent chair uses textured gold for its back, base, and legs with a deep blue velvet seat.
Beth Diana Smith’s chair

Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

“I wanted an accent chair that could also pass as a work of art, something to be admired and a conversation piece. Design for me is all about pattern, color, and texture, and that layered mix is what creates a beautiful and memorable space. This chair nailed the color and texture element, and it was love at first sight for me. This chair is a design moment.”

Eleish Van Breems Studio designed an accent chair with carved, painted yellow legs, an oval back, and floral seat cushion.
Eleish Van Breems Studio’s chair

Eleish Van Breems Studio

“Spring this year is feeling sweeter, sunnier, and more life affirming than ever, and we wanted our chair to feel like a perfect Swedish spring day. Our chair was made for us in Sweden and we hand painted it in “Roma,” a bright yellow by Portola Paint in Los Angeles, whose products reflect our commitment to traditional, eco-friendly materials. We chose a Josef Frank-designed linen fabric, “Primaverra,” by Svenskt Tenn, to make you feel as if you are sitting in a meadow of spring flowers. Our design philosophy can be summed up as fresh, clean, and good design for everyone.”

Alfredo Paredes Studio designed The Collins chair, a large gray arm chair with sleek, dark wood arms.
Alfredo Paredes Studio’s chair

Alfredo Paredes Studio

“Over years of shopping at the Paris Flea Market, I always gravitated toward ‘30s modern references and things that looked like they were from the South of France in particular. Additionally, growing up in Miami and being surrounded by Art Deco in a warm, vibrant setting was a huge influence. Hence the name of this chair is The Collins, because it reminded me of all that tropical decor I grew up around.”

Matt Blacke Inc selected five green-yellow mid-century Eames chairs.
Matt Blacke’s chairs

Matt Blacke Inc

“Eames’ designs are some of the most beautiful sculptural and architectural pieces from the mid-century. I think this set of five is a great twist on a modern vintage classic, with an increased level of wearability… and a pop of color never hurts!”

Jason Woods relaunched the Pacha chair in a new textured textile which was then featured in an exhibition at the French Embassy in Copenhagen in 2019.
Jason Woods’s chair

Jason Woods

“Aside from the Pacha’s rise in popularity over the last few years, this one in particular is special in that it was part of an exhibition at the French Embassy in Copenhagen in 2019. To celebrate the relaunch of the Pacha chair, Gubi upholstered a group of them in this unique Pierre Frey fabric that complemented the Embassy’s majestic wall tapestries. When I was first introduced to the Pacha chair, the curvilinear form was, in many ways, the antithesis of my personal taste and style at the time. Quickly, the chair’s aesthetic grew on me because the physical comfort is truly mood enhancing. The Pacha taught me that good design is indeed an actual feeling and experience.”

J. Logan Home created The Block, a cube ottoman with green and orange print and top with green tiger.
J. Logan Home’s chair

J. Logan Home

“There are two main principles at the heart of J. Logan Home: celebrating the beauty of the textiles and archival fabrics I’ve been collecting my whole life, and working with artisans to purposefully and sustainably elevate fashion objects into something new. The Block is the signature expression of those ideas. I think we have entered a period where people crave luxury more than ever, but it has to be practical, comfortable, and not take itself too seriously. That’s the spirit animating everything I create.”

Nicole White Designs Interiors selected this metal-framed, high back accent chair with geometric pattern.
Nicole White’s chair

Nicole White Designs Interiors

“I wanted a chair that was modern, fun, bold — very much my design aesthetic — and one that would add some much-needed cheer! This pandemic has really taken a toll on us all mentally so the mix of colors and geometric shapes, on a chair that’s also super comfortable, was the perfect choice for us for this event.”

The Copper Chair selected this vintage mid-century Z chair by Paul Jensen with teal floral print and wood armrests.
The Copper Chair’s chair

The Copper Chair

“My biggest inspiration in curating my chair was the idea that nothing is ever too far gone to be brought back to life. I think that is the sense with a lot of us when we sometimes feel unworthy of upgrading ourselves, our lives, and our surroundings. But the opposite could not be more true! We are keen on the idea that spaces have the capacity to heal, and your surroundings can affect your health, both physically and mentally. In this instance, we scoured the city to find the perfect vintage piece with history. We were incredibly lucky to find this vintage Mid-Century Z Chair by Poul Jensen that had the potential to truly shine. After giving it a lot of TLC, this accent piece got a whole new second life. It has now become one of our most memorable design accent pieces!”

Michael Zipp Interiors selected a chair with locally sourced black walnut and woven wicker seat.
Michael Zipp’s chair

Michael Zipp Interiors

“So much of my decision to pursue interior design as a profession stemmed from being raised in Hudson, New York, and being surrounded by fine antiques, designers, artists, and furniture makers, but also having nature so abundantly available. I wanted to select a chair from a maker in the Hudson Valley to represent this dichotomy as a finely crafted piece of design made from natural, locally sourced materials like black walnut and hickory bark.”

Suite NY selected the Skater Chair, a futuristic leather chair with metal base.
Suite NY’s chair

Suite NY

“We selected this piece because it has incredible pedigree and impeccable craftsmanship. It represents our love for Scandinavian design and is a great synthesis of Danish and modern design. We thought the clean, simple aesthetic was appropriate for the collectors and design lovers who will participate in Design on a Dime. It’s an incredible quality piece, made of leather and steel. We pride ourselves in carrying the classics, and the Skater Chair is a perfect example of that.”

Studio Edo selected an oversized arm chair with light gray seat, dark gray arms and back, and wood accents.
Studio Edo’s chair

Studio Edo

“I’m from Argentina and I love the vocabulary of South American architecture and design: timeless pieces built with high-quality materials and traditional construction, like this chair.”

OFFSITE.STUDIO selected a black metal cresca-style chair with one hole in each the seat and back.


“I am always inspired by the shift in perception of things. Found, nondescript objects still hold a really particular power to me, so I took an old chair from my studio and decided to take pieces away, allowing for an entirely new approach.”

Paris K Design selected Lazzoni's "Twice" chair with light brown leather and red trim.
Paris K Design’s chair

Paris K Design

“At Paris K Design, we always pursue simple but comfortable, functional, and customizable design elements to enhance our projects. Lazzoni’s “Twice” chair meets all these criteria and is one of the most iconic chairs we have used in our projects.”

Lee Jofa's chair uses light beige patterned fabric and dark wood legs for this comfy armchair.
The Lee Jofa team’s chair

Lee Jofa

This chair comes from our Lee Jofa Workroom line, which focuses on the ability to personalize your heritage quality furniture by selecting the arm, back, and base all through the lens of Lee Jofa’s traditional aesthetic.”

Interiors by Design selected the Stradling Chair with light brown fabric, wood legs, and brown upholstery tacks.
Interiors by Design’s chair

Interiors by Design

“Many considerations go into selecting furniture pieces for any design project. My choice of the “Stradling Chair” from Century serves as a focal element for the room’s overall design. As an enhancing complement to a simple sofa, the linen covering and warm wood tones provide a transitional elegance to the room setting. Comfortable seating is a welcome addition to every gathering.”

Ken Fulk's chair features bistro-style legs, folk-inspired printed seat cushion, and a wire-wrapped back.
Ken Fulk’s chair

Ken Fulk’s chair

DDC's silver metal chair features mid-century inspired legs and an egg-shaped body with floral cut outs.
DDC’s chair

DDC’s chair

Danielle Colding Designs chair features a classic black wood frame with a blue and green striped cushion with a tiger.
Danielle Colding Design’s chair

Danielle Colding Design’s chair

Sara Story Design's chair features black wood bistro-style frame and classic rattan seat.
Sara Story Design’s chair

Sara Story Design’s chair

May 20, 2021

Dennis Sarlo is the executive editor of Chairish and a lover of all things design-related. Prior to joining the team, he served as the executive editor of Dering Hall and was the first site director of Architectural Digest. He was also part of the founding team of travel startup Jetsetter. He lives in New York.