It’s a whole new year (Hold up! Make that decade), which means it’s time to take stock of what trends are ramping up for a blockbuster-level takeover. From statement mirrors to drinks tables, this year’s trends tip their hats to tradition, while also pushing into posh new territory. To see what ten trends team Chairish is expecting to make a big bang in 2020, we’ve tapped our fabulous co-founder, Anna Brockway, and asked her to give us her (stylish) two cents on each. Y’all ready for this?


Rosie Case Home Tour Dining Table with gold base and glass top and  Custom abstract Mirror.

Statement Mirrors

“No matter if they’re bejeweled, lacquered, or done up in a divine material like stone, statement mirrors are popping up everywhere and providing a dazzling alternative to more conventional artwork,” says Anna.

Maximalist living room with pink color scheme, floral arm chairs, and wood-carved side table.
Photo by Zach DeSart / Design by Sarah Gilbane

Drinks Tables

“We’re gonzo for this timeless decorator secret!” says Anna. “As opposed to typical end tables, drinks tables are teeny tiny, making them perfect for shuffling around while hosting. This season, we’re especially smitten for drinks tables in whimsical shapes as well as tables in bright, super-saturated shades like boysenberry, tangerine, and yolk-y yellow.”

Maximalist bedroom with rattan bed frame, antique side table painted salmon pink, and floral wallpaper.
Design by Madcap Cottage

Verdant Botanicals

“See you later, succulents! This year is all about rich, verdant botanical prints adorning tableware, wallpaper, and even furniture upholstery,” says Anna, adding: “Don’t expect a rehash of your granny’s tired greenery motifs, either. This new wave of botanicals is just as inspired by Gucci’s striking prints as it is by Dutch still lifes.”

The pink velvet couch compliments the dark pink rug, hair-pin leg ottoman and large painted nude.
Photo by Caroline Allison / Design by Pierce & Ward

Colorist Art

According to Anna: “Color comes first in our book (and our shoppers’!), which is why none of us can get enough of big, colorist paintings.” She adds: “This year we’re crushing on everything from Fauvist-style figural paintings to color field-inspired abstract expressionist paintings—the bigger the better, we say! Pop one of these stunners on your wall to procure the wow-factor of wallpaper without the hefty commitment factor.”

This painted lamp with patterned lampshade is the focal point of this dark wood bar area.
Photo by Hector Sanchez / Design by Ware Porter

Statement Shades

“This year we’re anticipating shoppers turning to splashy statement lampshades to punch up their spaces,” says Anna. “In addition to lampshades fashioned from fabulously funky materials like saris, prepare for previously antiquated lampshade styles like the pagoda and bell shade to make a comeback in a big way.”

This modern living room features a modern white couch, upholstered triangular coffee table, and maroon walls.
Photo by Sarah Dorio

Geometric Flushmounts

“Say ta-ta to ugly flushmounts,” says Anna. “After years of assuming ugly duckling status, flushmounts are getting a chic upgrade courtesy of unfussy geometric shapes (think: discs and orbs). Rig up a geometric flushmount to give a room the kind of gravitas normally only achieved by more razzle-dazzle fixtures like chandeliers.”

Summer Thornton Living Room with Wicker Peacock Chair, Pink Sofa, and floral wallpaper.
Photo by Josh Thornton / Design by Summer Thornton

Split Reeds and Structural Bamboo

“Busting out of its patio-only rep, bamboo is transitioning into an all-seasons bellwether this year,” says Anna. “Here at Chairish we’re especially mad for bamboo items like consoles and chairs that are constructed 100% of bamboo. Blurring the line between furniture and sculpture, these pieces prove bamboo finishes first.”

This living room features eclectic textiles, abstract art, and gold accents throughout.
Photo by Aimee Mazzenga / Design by Sarah Vaile


“Chippendale strikes back! When done up in unexpectedly bold hues or paired with kooky fabrics, this traditional style feels fabulously fresh,” says Anna. “Whether it’s a chinoiserie-inspired headboard done up in a luscious lacquer paint or a pair of chippendale stools capped in foxy leopard cushions, revamped Chippendale furniture is equal parts elegant and funky and we are HERE for it.”

Summer Thornton Living Room with Silver Paneled Walls and Elegant, Classic Furniture including Blue velvet couch.
Photo by Josh Thornton / Design by Summer Thornton


“From Klismos chairs to marble columns and stately busts and intaglios, Neoclassicism couldn’t go out of style if it tried,” says Anna. “That said, with the maximalism train still chugging, Neoclassicim’s soft tones and perfected forms feel especially apt for bringing order to eccentric, opulently layered spaces.”

Maximalist living room with large wall art, patterned coffee table, and pink couch.
Photo by Jean-Francois Jaussaud / Design by Carolina Irving

Flatweaves and Dhurries 

“Casual, cool, and worldly, we love the simplicity and laid-back elegance of a good flatweave or dhurrie rug,” comments Anna. “While blue and white Indian dhurries are always a good old fashioned classic, we’re seeing shoppers cozying up to dhurries in warmer tones (think: pinks, reds, corals, blushes, oranges).”

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Lead photo by Josh Thornton / Design by Summer Thornton


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December 29, 2019

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