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Standing at attention! Chairish has Campaign style vintage furniture and home decor, from military steamer trunks to lacquered dressers. Shop our collection of Campaign style home decor today.

Campaign furniture has some of the most innovative designs to date, as they were specifically made to break down or fold for ease of travel, without sacrificing sturdiness. Usually made of wood with brass hardware, Campaign style furniture was originally used by travelling armies, and gained fame among British army officers as symbols of high social position. In order to accommodate everything soldiers had to carry, Campaign furniture maximized space and storage in the most efficient way. The most common piece of Campaign furniture is a chest of drawers, also known as a military chest or Campaign chest. The military chest typically breaks down into two sections and has removable feet. High demand for Campaign furniture in the mid-nineteenth century encouraged designers to be even more creative, as they challenged themselves to increase compactness while masking the “portable” aspect of the furniture. While these pieces were mostly functional, some designers chose to focus on the fashion aspect, and kept the styles up-to-date, resulting in the large range of Campaign furniture that we see today. Although the need for travelling furniture is significantly lower nowadays, it’s still a fun and exciting secret that each piece holds. Modern Campaign furniture explores more mixed mediums, with materials like chrome, or strive to achieve the look with brass corners and strap work, although portability is no longer a large concern and often sacrificed. As with any piece of second-hand furniture, a piece of antique or vintage Campaign-style furniture can tell a story, and with a military history, it’s probably an exciting one.