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With honey-colored veneers, quirky, curvy shapes and glossy surfaces, statement-making Biedermeier pieces may have that certain-something your rooms could use. With a focus on comfort and form, these pieces can bring a bit of humor and character. Biedermeier style originated in Central Europe, trending from 1815-1848. As the middle class grew during urbanization and industrialization, there was a new audience for the arts. So, artists began to focus on the domestic, emphasizing themes of home life, which of course, led to a surge in furniture and interior designs. Biedermeier style is really the first influential style that came from the middle class. Beidermeier furniture was heavily influenced by utilitarian principles, translated as emphasis on clean lines and minimal ornamentations. Rooms, in general, were decorated to be less formal and more livable. Later on, to show off their newfound wealth, members of the middle class began to commission increasingly ornate pieces. Late Biedermeier furniture started to have more elaborated silhouettes and hardware, though still generally more simple than early Empire styles. Even today, Biedermeier furniture continues to feel fresh and modern, making it the perfect choice for a touch of vintage among newly made pieces. Try a vintage Biedermeier accent chair to enliven a quiet corner in a modern room, or a used Biedermeier writing desk, for starting your novel, or what the heck, paying bills.