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Sustainability Commitment of this Shop Owner:

1. My shop items will never go out of style and have passed the test of time, again and AGAIN!
2. Quality - When you no longer need or desire the item, It will still hold together and be ready for a new owner. There will be a market and interest for your item that will halt the need for new being built.
3. 2 Factor uniqueness test - Not just one unique factor but, two. You will have a story to tell about your item and/ or something to show that your guest cannot see at first interaction. Most purchases, will speak for themselves and give space for your guests to do the talking. My hope is for you to hear, "Wow!", "I love this" or " I've never seen anything like that!".
4. Add # 1, #2 and #3 together, it pretty much guarantees purchases at Wholehearted Home on Chairish.Com, are and will be sustainable for many, many generations.
5. Nothing new, nothing corporate.....SUSTAINABLE!

Shop Owners Philosophy on Home Decor:

Why not have Home be a work in progress, just like ourselves?? Our Homes are a reflection of our personality, style, who we are and even want to become. Sometimes, it takes a while to develop our style and find exactly what belongs in our Home and what you have found that works even better.
In that vein, becoming who we want to be is a process that requires recognition of what works for our life and also what doesn't. Sometimes, it takes letting go of that piece to find something better. For this seller at WholeHearted Home, I want our Homes to be a safe place, a reflection of who we are and where we feel whole enough to live our very best lives!

My goal is to bring you those pieces that are as unique as each of us.