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    Vincent Wil Hawley is an American artist. He works in numerous mediums creating sculpture, wearable art, abstract and realistic paintings. Born in 1983, Vincent received his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. He went on to study in Florence, Italy, working in various mediums. He has pieces in public and private collections across the United States and Europe. Vincent currently lives and works in Lambertville, New Jersey..

    My current work deals with the intangible elements of language, space and time coupled with tangible shapes, materials and textures. I create my own words and language symbols to see how these characters relate to each other in both physical space and internal perception. This form of asemic language lends itself to a post-literate world where all things can be communicated and understood equally as there is no basis for ideas communicated except perceived notions. This results in complete cross-cultural communication as no one idea is based in a specific language solely expressed form.

    The paper that I use is a cotton/styrene blend. It is impregnated with a naturally occurring mono-styrene which, when heated, becomes a plastic-like compound. The result is a completely unique paper that absorbs and refuses colors and textures, allowing for multiple layers of different mediums in varying opacity.. The paper was originally used by an American boot manufacturer in the production of boot soles. Out of service for over 100 years, the paper comes to me having been aged to a vintage state that adds a wonderful quality characteristic to the overall pieces.