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I am Aysegul, the small business owner who is fascinated by the art of handwoven rugs. I am from Turkey and have been living in the US for 15 years. I’m a mom with three beautiful children. My dad is a rug expert and in this business for 50 years. I grew up and inspired by my dad’s rug stories right after his rug search trips to Anatolian villages. These arts are like meditation for Turkish ladies who weaved their love, happiness, hope, wishes and the sadness to these rugs. Each rug carries a story. Looking at the rugs and exploring the stories behind, teaching about the motifs connects me to the past and are meditation for me too. All our rugs are organic wool and cotton woven in the villages and mountains of the villages. All materials vegetable dye and their original condition are not altered. We use sun treatment to clean our rugs and no chemicals used. And they are ready to shine in your beautiful homes.