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From Joe and Ben,

So many vintage shops start the same way. We're no exception.

It started as a way for us to source the beautiful pieces the only way we could afford (secondhand). We taught ourselves to refinish on our own pieces, and then continued sourcing.

Things eventually evolved into the Curio you see today, and we could not be happier.

We do our best to source statement pieces, items that can be considered heirlooms, which can be passed down to children over time.

As every vintage shop would tell you, this line of work is a labor of love. Old furniture is big, and can be heavy. Our backs hate us, but home decor loves us. :)

We don't exclusively do vintage stuff. We do some contemporary, especially if it's rare and unique.

There are many things about sourcing secondhand which we really enjoy.

1) Sustainability: if we can contribute to the reduction of waste in today's world, even in a small way, we feel it is worth it.

2) Family: we work with my dad (Patrick) who used to make handmade furniture in the 70's and 80's. Now retired, we keep him busy with a steady slew of refinishing, helping keep his days busy and enjoyable, but also bringing in a small steady income.

3) Community: the vintage restoration community is full of cool, likeminded folks, just like us. Watching all of them grow and evolve, as we support one another, gives us immense satisfaction. We're all working together to create a more sustainable future. How exciting is that.

Flaws and character in vintage pieces isn't necessarily a bad thing. In a way, refinishing a vintage item and leaving some of the flaws celebrates the long life that it lived, while preparing it for the next 50 years.