How To Add Warmth To Industrial-Style Design
How To Add Warmth To Industrial-Style DesignDering Hall
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  • November 4, 2019

“when designing an industrial space, scale is one of the most important considerations. industrial spaces tend to be large and open, so it’s important that lighting, furnishings, and art reflect human scale. “one of the pitfalls people have is using pieces that are too small or disproportionate to each other to take advantage of breadth and height of an industrial space,” says gilbert melott, principal owner of studio 6f.”

Studio 6F's Design Philosophy is Right There in Their Name
Studio 6F's Design Philosophy is Right There in Their NameDecaso
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  • October 8, 2019

“after years in the corporate world, studio 6f founder gil melott faced a major crossroads in his life. in 2015, following a major heart-attack, he began to realize that there is a difference between being successful as a corporate executive, and being truly fulfilled. thus his career as an interior designer, and the idea for his affiliated art and design gallery, studio 6f, were born. named after the hex color code for white, #ffffff, the 6f represents melott’s theory that projects should always start with a blank slate or empty space in order to achieve the best results.”

Industrial Design Gets Family Friendly in a Chicago Loft
Industrial Design Gets Family Friendly in a Chicago LoftWSJ Off Duty
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  • October 3, 2019

“haven’t exposed bricks and ducts lost their allure nearly two decades into the 21st century? ‘they’ve had their day,’ said gil melott, founder of local interior design firm studio 6f, to whom the couple turned for help, ‘but covering the exposed building materials would have been a disservice to the history of the loft aesthetic.’ critical, however, was ‘incorporating the original elements in a mindful and modern way.’ this meant no bar stools made from cast-iron pipes, leather tuxedo sofas or other loft-living clichés. to mellow the 2,200-square-foot space without obliterating its industrial appeal the designer selected many furnishings that contribute both weight and a gentle, feminine warmth. he worked with a light palette that was neutral—but not devoid of color. ‘we wanted to create a vibrancy for a very young and vibrant family.’”

Best New Design Gallery
Best New Design GalleryModern Luxury Interiors: Chicago
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  • February 4, 2019

“an exciting new design studio in logan square showcases bespoke furnishings and artwork in a modern setting... think custom furnishings by michael dreeben, vibrant abstract artwork by anne abueva and imaginative lighting creations by ted harris - just a few of the more than a dozen creatives on melott's roster. ‘people who have a very clear point of view and a story to tell are very interesting to me.’”