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Rodrigo Albir is an interior architect and furniture designer with wide-ranging international experience. Prior to founding Studio RODA in Miami, he collaborated with world-renowned New York-based design firms on a variety of superior hospitality and luxury retail projects. His diverse influences span design eras, from Mid-Century Modern to French Art Deco to contemporary; disciplines, including architecture, design and fashion; and materials, which extend from raw to polished.

The studio’s projects combine this curated lens with a site’s unique context and each client’s precise desires, resulting in harmonious bespoke designs for personal residences, superior hospitality and retail. Though wholly distinct, the studio’s creations share a subtle, casual elegance underscored by quality, craftsmanship and understated glamour that champions comfort and promotes an inviting ambiance. From custom lighting to considered layouts, Albir draws on his interdisciplinary expertise to conceive the original composition of every project, down to the finest detail.

Similarly, his design training at Pratt Institute and his admiration of diverse creative luminaries, ranging from Bauhaus and Donald Judd to Louis Kahn and Yves Saint Laurent, add complex nuance to his work. Collectively, these inspirations shape an ever-evolving, boundary-pushing approach to spatial exploration that defines Albir as an industry tastemaker.