Andrew Portwood Studio/St. Charles Apartment


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    A collection of new art pieces created in my studio on St. Charles Ave. New Orleans. Working on Abstracts, equestrian paintings and whatever I can come up with...Painting full time....Riding the streetcar and living large in beautiful New Orleans. :)
    Andrew Portwood’s art is a manifestation of his own life experiences. He creates works that echo these personal experiences and the feelings connected to those experiences. Dreams and emotions inspire his creative process and provide a basis for his lyrical portraits, figures and landscapes.

    Portwood began his artistic career in Atlanta, Georgia and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Auburn University in 1984. Working in advertising, graphic arts and book illustration, he built a lucrative career in advertising as a concept artist. Portwood is an accomplished illustrator, receiving the Junior Library Guild award in 1998 for his illustrations in the children’s picture book DragonScales & Willowleaves, published by G P Putnam.

    Now residing in New Orleans, Portwood is busy in his studio creating his personal artwork, balancing his time between large canvas paintings, drawings, and smaller monotypes. His current work is based on realism but is at times abstractly rendered. In his skillfull pencil drawings, Portwood is constructing visual narratives through the expression of figure and line.