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    Slipper Stools…Interactive Pieces of Art

    When my grandmother traveled by horse and buggy, she carried with her a short upholstered buggy step for climbing in and out. It was that family heirloom from the early 1900s that I carefully took apart and used as the basic form for the fully upholstered slipper stools I make now. Making something that gives people a little lift and helps them up to the next level is a fitting tribute to my grandmother.

    As a young girl, I spent most of my time with my grandmother. No form of art or craft was beyond her abilities. As soon as I could hold a needle, she taught me to sew. As soon as I could hold a brush, she taught me to paint. As soon as I could hold a shuttle, she taught me to tat strings of pico trim.

    She and I made stools back then out of vegetable cans covered with fabric. We sewed them together and added a padded top. She sold her creations in our store – The Daisy Place.

    Eventually, I left her Northwest Kansas home and earned my Masters of Art degree at Fort Hays Kansas State College. For decades I owned and operated Julie Adolph Interiors, designing homes and offices across the United States as spaces that people enjoy. The Claremont Inn & Winery in Stratton, Colorado, was a major project completed 25 years ago. For the last several months, I have been working on its “re-do.”

    Recently, I completed a five-year project in South Carolina. While working on this home design project on Seabrook Island, I returned to the idea of a foot stool. I designed and produced my first collection of slipper stools for this home.

    My slipper stools are handcrafted pieces that work comfortably with the most handsome furniture collections. Each piece is created as a testament to the past and a dazzling nod to the future. Our Kansas artisans have respected time-honored traditions producing our array of contemporary slipper stools. Exquisite fabrics make these lovely keepsake stools a pleasing addition to the most up-to-date space