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Robbie Kemper is formally trained as a graphic designer – University of Cincinnati
College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning (DAAP), and profoundly influenced by the classic abstract expressionist painters. His works embrace color and motion and are glued together with a design underpinning of space, form and contrast. Organized free-form shapes mark his large works on canvas. Robbie's studio doubles as a gallery space where multiple canvases are always in progress. He explains that as he invents pieces and works out a canvas his mentors whisper to him. "Contrast… movement… color.... emphasis…line…. shape…” Typically working on several canvases at a time he enjoys the energy that comes from the variety. Working in acrylics with occasional graphite or oil pastel scribbles Robbie moves from stark canvas pieces to intense, colorful compositions. Starting a piece is inspirational. The path toward a successful canvas is an emotional journey.