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    “I believe that we all deserve to live in a home that’s appointed with expertly crafted objects that are generous with spirit and soul.” Erik Retzer’s been bringing this charming vision to life for the whole of his career as an antiques and art expert. After earning his degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Erik spent a decade exploring the globe, honing his eye, and strengthening his international relationships with dealers as he sought out the finest pieces from eras’ past. Then, in 2018, Erik opened RIGHT | PROPER in Chicago's historic Lincoln Park neighborhood. His intimate design boutique and online shop specializes in heritage objects for story-rich and stylish living.

    “The pieces that I love are beautifully made in the tradition of experienced craftsmanship. Each of these pieces also brings with them a remarkable story from the past; giving the spaces that they grace a depth and interest that is inherently special.

    RIGHT | PROPER is known for heritage home furnishings and accessories honoring a standard of living that values enduring quality - with a touch of spirit and good humor - for extraordinary and everyday home experiences. Our selections bring with them a story from the past that’s at once romantic and relevant for modern lifestyles. Ever known for pieces that are neither fussy nor too precious to use, our pieces will faithfully serve their owners with useful intention and impeccable style for this generation and the next.