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Welcome to North Starr Designs! As long as I can remember I have loved searching for treasures and collecting beautiful, unusual objects. Perhaps a result of the time spent alongside my father, an avid collector of arrow heads, sharks teeth and fossils. Sifting through the sand and soil has turned into scouring flea markets, estate sales and thrift shops, where I can get swept up for hours--much to the dismay of anyone brave enough to come shopping with me. I am drawn to items with stories, items that were built to last, items crafted by hand with care. I believe that design should be fun, and I am passionate about helping others shape their spaces into sanctuaries that bring them joy. I do not believe design has to be expensive or exclusive or full of rules. My style is an eclectic mix of time periods and styles, and whatever I am drawn to. Thanks for taking a look--enjoy!