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    We are a company that has been involved in enhancing and promoting Italian art in the world, in particular artistic glass. directly from the "VNason&c" glass factory in the splendid island of Murano unique pieces designed by the great Nason Family.

    When masters create Murano Glass by hand, they do not use exact measurements or machines to create perfect shapes or perfect polish. Therefore, most Murano Glass pieces may come out slightly asymmetrical. most blown glass pieces will have bottoms with somewhat rough pontil marks where the glass piece was taken off the stick. Sometimes there would also be bubbles of air captured inside the glass. Two items of the same model may vary in terms of shape, size, color shade, or pattern. This is the result of a very manual ancient process, where artisans use only basic tools. The masters take pride in following the techniques and traditions of their fathers and grandfathers, with no modern technology or conveyor belts

    Whether you're looking for glass sculptures for sale, unique corporate gifts online, or a Venetian glass chandelier online, we have it all. Contact us now to learn more about our products.

    We own the largest existing collection of V. Nason & C. products.