Holistic Design - This Advice Will Make You Feel Good 24/7
Holistic Design - This Advice Will Make You Feel Good 24/7DOMINO Magazine
  • Press Release
  • April 15, 2019

Design trends may come and go, but turning your home into a soothing space will never go out of style. Your home is your happy place—your little slice of solace in your busy life—so it’s important to create a space that feels like a breath of fresh air. You know, somewhere you can actually kick up your feet and relax. Chances are that you already know about hygge and KonMari, two lifestyle trends designed to give you some peace of mind by creating cozy and clutter-free quarters. But have you heard about holistic design? When most people think of creating a zen space, they probably envision elements like crystals and feng shui, but don’t think of holistic design as a fleeting trend. “Our holistic design firm sits at the intersection of ancient traditional philosophies, aesthetics, alchemy, art, and design,” says Laurence Carr, an interior designer who specializes in holistic design. “It refers to creating spaces to rejuvenate and replenish oneself and spaces in the areas of spiritual growth, wellness, and wellbeing.”