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    Welcome to my shop. Since I can’t greet you in person, I’ll give you some background information about me and the collection. I am an Interior Designer with a passion for art, vintage and handmade pieces. I appreciate all styles and eras but, I have an affinity for the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. I always have an eye out for emerging artists in all mediums. My main inspirations are my clients and Mother Nature. I collect studio glass, studio pottery, antique linens, vintage books, and contemporary art.
    Treasure Hunting is by far my favorite sport. I only buy things that speak to me. I may spy a piece for a client, a future project, to give as a gift, or for my own collection. I believe my editing process keeps my look authentic and personal. When people connect with and buy items I have found, I always smile. I imagine where and how the new owner will use the item that caught both of our attention.
    The best thing about interior design is that there is always something new to learn. It never gets boring. I insist on mixing styles, at least a little, on every project. It brings a place to life. Having items from different genres and times not only engages the eye but also engages the mind. So go for it! Collect pieces that speak to you. Your spaces will have character and surprise. Personal details definitely matter.
    My collection includes scores from treasure hunting and items I sell for clients who are downsizing or renovating. There is a link to my website in my bio on Instagram. My Insta handle is Juliejinteriors. I know shipping costs can be expensive. I offer some shipping alternatives, including 1-2 day local delivery of everything in my collection.
    My motto is “Just enjoy it!”