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Joshua Lance’s vision is not just a painting but a symphony of colors. He often calls his works “Visual Jazz”, as there is often spontaneity of his brushwork in a disciplined composition. Lance intentionally uses a simplified color palette of primaries to create harmonious relationships.

Working as a professional artist and English teacher in Asia and Europe, Josh has had the unique opportunity to work closely with Taiwanese, Thai, Italian and American artists and paint on location from Ireland to Italy, from the streets of New Jersey to the mountains of New Mexico and beyond. He is a storyteller and nomadic artist at heart.

In his twenty-five years of painting, Josh has studied art from teachers to ancient landmarks. His techniques come from his influences of impressionism, calligraphy, and some classical elements. Essence and emotion are more important than hyper-realistic details. Nature and intuition are among his greatest teachers. He finds inspiration and beauty in moments often missed by modern life. He enjoys being personal with his audience and creates art videos of his life and artistic process.