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    Once a scribbler, always a scribbler...

    Rich and plentiful opportunities have allowed me to perform graphic design across the country. I’ve been ​jumping coasts ​all my life (La Jolla, Denver, San Francisco, Pensacola, Coronado, and Norfolk​). Alexandria, Virginia is my home and the center of my design world.

    I have a BFA in graphic design and fine painting from the University of Denver. My success has varied from extensive experience in retail, the custom wedding & stationery industry, to professional brand design & development for The North Face.

    Golden Lines and Silver Linings came to fruition when I started giving titles and narratives ​to my work. I found that the titles were as special as the scribbles and markings I had made on paper. ​​My love of books, quotes, spirituality and following your intuition sparked the creation of ​designs with “​words and themes to live by”. ​​My watercolors, illustrations and images are ​inspired by the land & sea, decorative and ornamental design, figurative subjects and all things patriotic — these are strong influences in my work. My style leans classic but not fussy; timeless yet simple. I am often inspired while I am antiquing, visiting museums, gardens, flower shops or in nature. I love fine papers, printing techniques, engravings, watermarks, antique monograms and typography along with beautiful fabrics, furnishings and especially “mother earth”. I strive for a marriage of my painting and design skills; each original is painted with gouache, watercolors or shimmery metallic.

    My hope and intent is to create art and gifts that display optimism, encouragement and inspiration in your life. —JJH