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    Classic Oil Painter | Colorado, Ocean & Still Life

    Global travels of earlier days instilled in me a deep appreciation for old world beauty, art, and charm -- inspiring my still life paintings and all my work. The grandeur surrounding me in Colorado has become the sole focus of my landscape paintings, as I'm an avid hiker on the Douglas County open spaces and Rocky mountains.

    Painting began for me in childhood, for pleasure, gifts and my own decor, and studying the masters in person at art museums has been a long-time hobby. A couple years ago a friend asked if she could purchase one of my paintings, then a professional artist friend asked if I'd paint her something. Those kind requests prompted me to move toward painting for others as a hobby, now budding (delightful) business.

    I do most painting work in my studio, a well-lit office in my Larkspur home, from painting and varnishing, to museum framing and packaging.

    While this is a one-woman shop, I get endless encouragement and advice from my husband and four kiddos! They are artists and handicraftsmen in their own right, so it's definitely good company for inspiration and ideas around here.

    I have a former life as a U.S. Air Force Officer, with my time in England and traveling Europe being a highlight of my early adulthood. Now, I am at home with my four children and love to get out adventuring with my family or solo.

    For more about me and my work, check out Thanks, and have a beautiful day!