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    This revelation has to begin with my mother. A truly incredible and amazing woman with so many talents that the six of us may have not come to realize until far into our later years. I learned how to cook, from her every day rituals of breakfast, lunch and dinner all of which were freshly prepared from her stove. My knowledge of sewing, from standing on a stoop with arms outstretched so she could make the wonderful garments that were far ahead of the industry. In all this, I unadvertantly too learned the knowlege of cooking, sewing, from a room with three industrial machines, a surger, a industrial singer, and an aphoulstry machine. My love for antiques, I remeber the many times going to yard sales together, and in doing so, it was my mother that told me what to look for. However, by the age of ten, it was then that I realized that my mother was making money off, "her letloose son."
    It was then, that I realized that I too could earn money by buying my own things. So by the age of ten, I was out of the car before the wheels of the car stopped rolling in the gravel driveway and I was out on the hunt!
    By 18, I had multiple bronzes, pairpoint lamps, tiffany, persian carpets and a thirty two bevelled glass jacobian twist ebony black china hutch in my room. LOL
    So all said, having collected fine art and antiquities since the age of ten, my life has been richly blessed and I am so happy to say, that the cause was a woman I called Mom!
    Fond and not something I bragged about was taking part in auctions, as I remember the day I purchased the thirty two bevelled glass china hutch... A skinny little kid with curly blond hair that remembers looking up as a child, stomping his foot and saying, "Im not a girl!" watched a woman hit her husband on the arm and say,
    "Dont bid against the child" that won me that purchase that day for $180!
    In all the many sales and antique shows, it was my learning from the many who mentored and shared with me their knowledge of their decades of study that gave me a great boost in my life, and it was in that knowledge that I was blessed with the finer things that surround me with beauty.
    Looking back brings a proud smile to my face that for all this and for my love for history arts and cultures and beauty, it was this very odd passion that had made my elementary school staff of my fourth grade year, pull me out of class to go teach the sixth graders art classes.
    In learning to be a go-getter, it was at the age of 19 that I purchased my first home all while having no established credit. It was a shoe box of letters from the many mentors and shop owners that I dealt with over all the years that I had approached the bank with in my quest. I remember my nervousness and feeling ridiculous on that day that I sat with the bankers. I was astounded that they were quite impressed by the stack of testimonial letters written in my behalf, and I was overwhelmed and thrilled to hear them say, "Give the kid a loan!"
    Later in life I followed through with my focus on interior design and opened a retail home furnishing-design store which named Chair & Trellis. (Chair "the simplest place to rest the body" and Trellis " of wine" that which friends celebrate friends.
    For eighteen years Chair & Trellis brought great relationships especially with the many great interior designers that became best friends and were a huge part of its growth and success.
    Although, the retail was very fullfilling, it was the clients, and all those who have been part of my success in the field that are truly my greatest and most cherished gifts recieved. I am, and will be forever thankful having been blessed with the incredible friendships from this journey in life.
    Currently, I am focusing on interior design, both commercial and residential, of which many examples of my work can be found on my Instagram account. I have to say, that in spite of the earnings, my biggest paycheck comes from my passion for people in life and the beauty we all create. I am fortunate to have been blessed with that gift which makes many realize their own blessings, and I am so very thankful for having it.
    Your time reading my bio means a lot to me, and I look forward to the new friendships this journey will bring!

    Expect the blessings!
    Sincerely, Mark ManDeLin