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    The Added Value Shop is a Belgium based antique store,
    which derives from our passion for antiques and noble objects
    As great admirers of art, craftsmanship and design we are loving all style periods
    Simply because in each period there were skilled craftsman, artists and
    designers who created magnificent items
    Noble objects with unique characteristics from that particular period in time.
    Custom made objects with a story or items that reveals the prevailing fashion,
    the motivation of the producer, countries situation
    or even the environment in which they were created.
    If we look closely at all those time treasures, they can tell us a lot.
    With this knowledge, it's no surprise that our collection is quite eclectic.
    Our inventory includes pieces from medieval Europe to the mid-century modern.
    We truly believe that these hand crafted proven sustainable items made of eco friendly materials
    deserve a place in our contemporary lifestyle
    We hope that when you read and view our web pages, it will inspire you to combine our beautiful heritage in your interior.