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    - Nicolosifineart -

    My name is: Antonio Nicolosi, and I have a dream: to seek beauty in the future of the past.

    This is why I created my gallery of modern design and particular items from a wonderful past, creating my "Wunder Kammer".
    This gallery is called Nicolosifineart.
    I believe in the creations of visionary artists who have generated the production of incredible objects and furniture, which are a real revolution of taste that has brought design, fashion and architecture within the reach of those who are madly in love with style.

    I therefore deal with furniture and furnishing accessories, objects and timeless furnishing accessories, full of charm and the result of careful research. Items of Antiques and Modern Antiques, selected with care and patience, trying to give the customer an excellent and quality service. The passion that drives me to do my job helps me to find unique objects that have made the history of Italian design. My mission: to satisfy the customer and make his home a place to admire beauty in all its forms.