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    1. Image of Mid-Century Modern Low Armchair, 1960s For Sale
    2. Image of Scaramacai Collection Glasses by Maryana Iskra for Ribes the Art of Glass, Set of 2 For Sale
    3. Image of Pink LED Sideboard, 1980s For Sale
    4. Image of Large Belgian Brutalist Ceramic Wall Sculptures, 1960s, Set of 3 For Sale
    5. Image of "Paris (P0547)" Original Contemporary Art by Mireya Betances For Sale
    6. Image of Rolex Date Oyster Perpetual Watch Stainless Steel 1500 Automatic Men's No. 13 1965 Overhauled Rwa01000000005038 For Sale


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    Meet, Listen & Brainstorm: I like to meet with you in your space if possible or with your architectural drawings. This is the time I get to know you, your needs and desires, your likes and dislikes. Then we can discuss the direction of the project and brainstorm ideas.

    Plan, Shop & Show: This is the time we look at choices to go into the space. We will select floor plans, color schemes, design details of furniture, rugs, window treatments and accessories. Once all design elements have been chosen, we will develop a detailed proposal for your input and approval.

    Manage, Execute & Finish: Finally, my team will execute the plan we have created together, transforming your space into the dream home you've imagined and worked so hard with me to create.