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    Clement Curated Antiques is the joint effort of Yannick and Véronique Guideau and brothers John and William Patier.

    The key word is authentic. Each antique piece that we bring to the table results from a long chain of work, and dedication. Starting with Yannick, who is a carpenter at heart. He began at the age of fifteen by working in a carpenter's workshop and learning the craft of constructing and restoring antiques. Very quickly he discovered a passion, and talent, for finding great antique pieces left uncared for, and restoring them back to their full potential. His thirty years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship have made him renowned in the Anjou region. There is indeed great merit in taking valuable historical pieces, namely antiques, and giving them a second life by which we can come to appreciate them once more. There are few professionals who know this craft and even fewer that do it with such expertise as Yannick.