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    CARCINO Design Lab is a design studio that collaborates with an all-Italian supply chain for the production of unique and high-quality objects, the result of a handcrafted manufacturing process. Founded in Venice in 2021 and enlivened by the oldest currents of the lagoon city, our studio interprets a universal language of contents and forms, aimed at both East and West. The first objective of the studio is the search for beauty, perhaps the most important skill required of an architect, so complex to find, but certainly concrete in its expression. The second objective is communication, since there cannot be an architecture or a design project without a common conscience, without a collective ability to recognize the language of the creator in the material. The synopsis of the previously touched points can be found in the “plastic” or in the modeled material. So the work in the CARCINO Design lab is not an end in itself but idea, design, material and communication. We always try, in every object, to find these concepts, whose transposition in current language is easily identifiable in: “Quality”. Our creations are made to order.

    CARCINO Design Lab has always tried to overcome any obstacle, visible or not, always questioning the approach to work and looking for the latest tools available for modeling.