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''Rustique Deco Istanbul'' serving thousands years experience with high quality rustique handmades from ''Anatolia'' and ''Istanbul''.

Istanbul is a connection point of Europe and Asia.Regarding of this speciality,Istanbul became fantastic market for handcrafts and handmades as silk,jewelry,fabrics,kelims and rugs.Millions of tourist and artisans visit Istanbul for its history,art and literature.

Handmade is a tradition in Anatolia.We're bringing this tradition to Worldwide with todays service rules.We're just dealing ''rustique handmade'' and ''handcraft'' products.All of our rugs,kelims and pillows are ''handknotted''.

''Usak'' is a region in ''West side of Anatolia''. Usak rugs first began to knotted early on 16th Century.Usak rugs are famous and precious in todays world.All rugs from west side of Anatolia was created and knotted by villager women.Make wool yarn,dye with naturel methods and knot by hands are very hard today and ofcourse these difficultys decreasing hand looms amount day by day.

Nice Anatolian rugs still in villagers homes or in their storages.These nice Anatolian vintage handknotted rugs, collecting by our ''experts'' from villages in all over Anatolia.We deliver them in to our plant,we shear its old highest piles,dyed again with soft colors and finally wash that vintage rugs.We're calling this process ''rebirth of rustique handmades''.Rebirth rugs creates our ''Genesis Rug Collection''.

Kelim rugs also old tradition in West side of Anatolia.Kelims were creating and knotted by villager women.All Kelim patterns has a meaning and that patterns explain woman's story which knotted that Kelim.Our vintage Kelim rugs, collecting by our ''experts'' from villages and washed in our plant.To find Kelim rug looms very hard today regarding this reason knotting Kelims stopped about 15 years ago and wont knot anymore.Istanbul and Anatolia's geography Peninsula.Geography of these region creates our ''Peninsula Collection''.

We're serving all these nice ''rustique handmades'' to Worldwide for ''excellent decorations''.We will be happy to serve you and hope to see our ''handmade rustique'' products in your excellent decoration.