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Big Sky Fine Art is an independent UK art gallery owned and managed by husband and wife team Jane and Barrie Jones. We are located on the Jurassic Coast in the county of Dorset. Although we often exhibit and sell both locally and nationally, we operate principally as an online gallery and routinely ship worldwide.

Our collection of stock for sale is mainly British, though not exclusively so, and covers works from around 1800 to 2000. What defines all the pieces in our collection is that each work is unique; we deal only in originals, no prints or other forms of reproduction. The artists are all well known, with established reputations and their work therefore always has an inherent value. If we include a sprinkling of contemporary artists in our collection, it is because they have already established themselves in what can be a volatile market.

Whilst the visual appeal is always what attracts the eye, it can be the actual artist that makes a painting special, and often valuable. We feel it is important to know what motivates the artist and how they lived their lives. So, we thoroughly research all artists whose works we offer and provide a comprehensive biography for each. Some of their life stories are fascinating, and you come to appreciate their contribution to our cultural heritage.

Our aim is always to showcase and sell good quality art in a way that is accessible and unpretentious. We believe that good art should be part of your life, and of course a matter of individual taste, like good food and wine or good music. Above all, it is to be enjoyed.

Pictures are sold framed, unless stated otherwise; all aspects of the artwork and its frame are available as high-resolution photographs, to be supplied on request.

By trading mainly online we are able to offer very competitive prices – please compare similar works by the same artists in fashionable city galleries. Then, let’s talk…