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Debbie Baxter grew up with one foot in each of two distinct home styles. Her parents lived in a true mid century modern and just a few blocks away, her grandparents welcomed family and friends to their traditional European styled home. Her love of both, and a decade plus of living abroad, have enabled her to hone a love of all styles and an ability to curate and polish interiors from one extreme to another.

BDG has always been able to gracefully balance differing styles - the groundwork was laid early, as Debbie believes timeless interiors are a result of architectural style.

The depth of experience BDG has gained in working on countless projects with teams of talented architects, contractors, artisans and tradespeople, has deepened the roots of their expertise.
Global resourcing has always been within the reach of BDG, so no creative thought becomes impossible.

When the firm grew to 20 +, and a studio office was opened in Manhattan, BDG proved its ability to expertly manage multiple projects at one time.

Currently, there is a dynamic team of interior designers and seasoned administrative staff who move through the organic processes BDG has created. This allows the firm to expertly run both the Interior Architectural Specification track and the Decorative track simultaneously.

When asked about their expertise, Debbie shares the fact that many clients and referrals are repeat patrons of the firm. From East Hampton to deep South Texas , Baxter Design Group has managed projects to meet client expectations while striving for a high level of aesthetic design. Some of their best known projects continue to be those which nod to the historic overtures of Spanish Colonial decor, which can lean modern or strictly traditional. On the flip side, Debbie loves to reach back into time to pluck the best of mid century elements if the architecture supports this style. No matter the style, the hunter gatherers of BDG work tirelessly to make interiors timeless, stylish, and able to hold up to family and pets. A true believer that homes are intended to be lived in, Debbie always encourages her clients to never shy away from stunning selections, but mindfully allow the design team to lead selections which hold up to a "life well lived".

As true lovers of all things beautiful, BDG intends to continue to add a global perspective and honest dialogue to all the homes in its path.