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    Oscar Wilde said : "All art is quite useless."
    Maybe thats how people around him thought so in his times. But I think Art has become increasingly central to the way we think and work now. The way our cities look the way they do, the way buildings are made, the way people dress are due to the artists and due to the sensitivity to art that is within every one of us. Art is the exploration of beauty whether its in the form of a painting or a building or a dress. All media have become fluid. one flows into the next. The clear barriers between painting and photography are gone and in the not so distant future the distance between virtual and physical reality will become diffuse. The designs being shaped using 3d software are being made into buildings, cars and clothes.. Humanity cannot help but restructure reality according to its own needs. The process has picked up a lot of momentum. We explore beauty in analog and physical media and use the powers of both. The end is always to inspire, discover and innovate.