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    In 1978, Loukas and Jane Deimezis, spurred by a love of collecting antiques, opened their first shop, Appleton Antiques, on Appleton Street in the South End of Boston.

    Like many collectors, they were purists committed to returning period objects back to their original state. The uplifting and humanizing qualities of light soon captured their imagination and they quickly became fluent in the details of period lighting fixtures. Aware of the dangers inherent in older fixture wiring, they developed restoration techniques and best practices that maintain the integrity of the original fixtures while bringing them to code compliance for current use. In a short time, Appleton Antiques became Appleton Antique Lighting—leaders in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of the finest antique lighting fixtures.

    From the beginning, we have worked to grow and continually refine our craft, and we have had the honor to have been chosen for the restoration of lighting in historic properties throughout New England. It was only fitting that their daughter, Emilia would officially join the team in 2014 bringing with her a knowledge of sustainability and urban conservation. With Emilia’s presence, a fascination (to the point of near obsession!) has become a mission.