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Hi there, my name is Dina. I’m a wife a mother of two boys and a rescue dog named Iris. I live with my family in the DC metro area. Professionally, I have been in global development for more than 20 years. I am also a trained artist. I hold a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in ceramics. For four years, I studied clay and was passionate about clay sculpting. I also have a master’s degree in archaeology. My graduation project focused on studying mosaic images in churches from the Byzantian area in the Levant region. While professionally, I do something completely different, art has always remained part of who I am and what I do. My job allowed me to work with artisans and women entrepreneurs worldwide. I believe my career in global development enriched my experience as an artist. Exposure to different landscapes, cultures, colors, and traditions trained my eye to see the possibilities in every piece. Allowing me to combine different shapes and colors into beautiful, unique Reclaimed Pieces.

I started upcycling my furniture because I wanted my house to represent me with well-made pieces. We can all agree that old furniture quality is much better than what we get nowadays. Also, did you know that we produce millions of tons of furniture waste annually in America? And the vast majority of it goes to landfills. It was a no-brainer that I needed to put my artistic skills into action and get going with Reclaiming Pieces of furniture.

I hope that through Pieces Reclaimed, I can help people like me who want to find reasonably priced pieces that fit their style as unique individuals without compromising the quality. I love working with my clients to help them find what they want while taking part in saving our planet!

With Love,