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    IDI Interior Design. Vintage & Antique Furniture Specialist.
    We are a Nevada based company with a drop ship warehouse in Orange County, California so we can easily transport items there for pickup or air & sea shipping.

    We offer very fair values and ours is often the lowest price! Therefore we cannot accept low offers.

    We celebrate well loved, pre-owned, vintage, antique and heirloom condition. We celebrate age and all the love, care, joy and sorrow that goes with it, in ourselves and in the items we offer. We believe the conditions and realities that make life real, also shape us into more beautiful unique highly patinaed masterpieces, as is the same with the items we offer. All of our items are enriched with history and a life well lived. They have had a life of their own and they are to be respected and appreciated as is.
    Because all of our items are preowned, used, vintage or antique we would never endever to label them perfect. They are imperfect, much as you and I, and they were meant to be appreciated, celebrated and loved, much as you and I.
    Thank You,
    Design C S Vintage on F B
    Orange County, California Design Warehouse Stowage
    two oh eight Avenida Fabricante
    We prefer not to handle delivery but we understand that may be the quickest option for clients. Please inquire with us prior to purchase so we can seek a quote and retain movers asap. Last minute movers a very costly *Our movers are subcontracted. Delivery fees and windows determined by them. TY