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From lacquered campaign dressers to pretty bombe chests, vintage Drexel Heritage furniture knows no limits. Founded in 1903, Drexel Heritage touts a true been-there-done-that sensibility thanks to their endless lineup of furniture—which as early as 1957 contained no less than 1,200 pieces. With superior craftsmanship at the forefront of their vision, you can be assured that your used Drexel furniture will endure not just the wax and wane of trends, but decades of cherished living.


Bold design and signature pieces are what sets the vintage Drexel furniture collections apart. Each piece was created with the intent to make statement in your home. With a rich history that dates back 114 years, Drexel furniture is doing furniture design right with a catalog of looks that transcend the boundaries of what was once considered traditional furniture. Since realizing it needed more variety in its brand in the early 20th Century, Drexel has transitioned itself into a more modern furniture brand by continually partnering with new designers and offering distinctive, vintage-inspired collections that you just can’t find anywhere else.


With deep roots in the furniture industry, Drexel has solidified its brand identity by shortening the Drexel Heritage name into just Drexel – a move that champions its forefathers and allows the company to propel forward with furniture collections that turn heads and keeps customers coming back for more.

Beginning in 1903, Drexel began working to shed its traditional furniture roots and update and refresh its entire furniture lineup. While Drexel was previously known for its French-inspired pieces, it began introducing exciting new collections and, to give you a sense of where they are today, they recently joined forces with European designer Jo Sampson.

Together, Drexel and Sampson are changing the look of contemporary furniture design for the better, but still keeping with the quality and craftsmanship that Drexel is known for. This collection has a sleek and contemporary look that also retains a timeless quality.

You’ll also find new collections such as Studio Seventeen, which bring hotel luxury right into your home. This collection is the first in Drexel’s new brand makeover that looks to capture the essence of the moment with home furniture design.

While Drexel is an ever-changing brand, its vintage traditional pieces are what the company has built its name on. Starting as a small furniture company in its namesake Drexel, N.C., Drexel was recognized as a brand that appealed to a younger generation by the 1950s, with Danish, Scandinavian, and Mid-Century Modern offerings that were similar to those being offered by companies like Baker and American of Martinsville.

Over time, Drexel evolved into the Heritage Furniture Company and then Drexel Heritage in 1968. In the latter iteration, Drexel become known for its traditional collections and much of what you see gracing the vintage marketplace today.

The tradition that Drexel has created with its furniture lineup is highly sought after by generations looking to capture what once was. You’ll find that many of Drexel’s used earlier pieces fit well in today’s homes.


While Drexel has always been known the world over for high-quality furniture, its contemporary spin is allowing its customer base to expand. If you opt for newer Drexel pieces you’ll still have a quality piece, but it will encapsulate the trends of today. Drexel offers furniture that people gravitate towards and want to have in their home. From couture looks by Giasana and sculptural pieces from the Cove collection, there is something from Drexel for everyone.

Known best for its traditional pieces, Drexel’s furniture has been around for decades, giving households cherished pieces that they are passing down from generation to generation. Vintage pieces include its French Provincial lineup that embodies style and grace, and its highly sought after 1960s collection that takes you back to an era that was more carefree. It is the classic lines of its vintage traditional pieces that garner much attention in the design world as they are a testament to the quality that Drexel offers and will give your home that unique look that you have been seeking.


While Drexel may have changed names over the years, one thing it has not changed is its commitment to quality furniture design. Using signature wood craftsmanship and hardware that is reminiscent of the times, Drexel continues to offer furniture that exceeds expectations. The company, 114 years later, still oversees the workmanship of its products to make sure the same exacting standards are used that they employed many years ago.

Compare any used or vintage Drexel furniture piece from any era, and you’ll find the same care went into its construction. While manufacturing methods have improved since its early beginnings, the company continues to produce furniture that will last for years to come. This not only gives you furniture pieces that you love, but allows them to fit seamlessly into you home.


With a little care, you will be able to have your used Drexel furniture for a lifetime. Clean and polish your used Drexel pieces regularly. This will prevent a buildup of dust and allow your wood furniture pieces to maintain their glow. It is always best to polish with the grain of the wood and never in a circular motion.

Keep your wood furniture items away from heat and sunlight as well as humidity and liquids, and you will have a piece that easily looks as good as the day it was purchased. These elements can change the wood’s appearance as swelling can occur and create damage, which you want to avoid.

Regardless of your styling preferences, there are tons of vintage Drexel furniture pieces that are sure to please you. These timeless designs can be mixed with your current furniture array to create a more eclectic look while still conveying luxury throughout your home. When you purchase Drexel furniture, you’re getting the superior quality that the company has built its reputation on with a look and style that will suit any home design.