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From their signature brass chests to their hallmark Jupe dining tables, Sarreid Furniture has long been producing some of design’s most covetable furniture. Founded in 1967 by Alex Sarratt and Walter Reed, Sarreid Furniture actually began as an importing business, similar in style to Danish importer Dansk. Initially, Sarratt and Reed (hence the sarr-ried) moved to Spain to ship pieces with Old World style back to the United States. Given that the majority of furniture available to U.S. consumers was domestically-produced and fairly homogenous in style at the time, Sarreid furniture offered the public an appealing alternative. Having established themselves as purveyors of traditionalist luxury, Sarreid then brought operations back stateside and planted headquarters in North Carolina. From there they began to partner with artisans from all over the globe to produce custom goods. Today, Sarreid furniture and décor comes from Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, India and more. Stylistically, Sarreid Ltd. has remained true to their original old world roots, with the majority of their catalog relying on solid wood furniture such as dining tables and side tables, as well as leather chairs. Those looking for leather chairs with historical stylings will be especially fond of Sarreid chairs which range in style from Chesterfield to Art Deco and Bauhaus to Mid-Century Modern. Case pieces and other décor pieces trend somewhat rustic and occasionally have industrial details. And because no discussion of Sarreid Ltd. is complete without an ode to the Sarreid brass chest, it’s worth calling out this gold star design, which was produced by Sarreid primarily during the 1970s. Known as the Brass Clad collection, Sarreid brass chests came in a variety of styles, including trunks, dressers, and nightstands and typically adhered to traditional campaign style (although some featured Ming-style handles). Among the things that make Sarreid brass chests uniquely collectable is that every piece of hardware on them, from the handles to the latches to the nailheads is coated in solid brass.